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BeatPrompter is a time-sensitive visual prompter app for song lyrics and/or chords which places a greater emphasis on visibility, timing and rhythm than other similar apps. By defining such things as beats-per-minute, beats-per-bar, bars-per-line, etc, you can have a greater control over the display, and by knowing that the on-screen text will definitely be in the right place at the right time, BeatPrompter can display each line of the song in as large a font as possible, making it more readable from a greater distance, or for users with imperfect vision.

BeatPrompter reads song files that have been created in the popular ChordPro format. Due to nature of the app, it does not make use of the full ChordPro specification, though it introduces a few new features of its own. Your music files must be stored in either Google Drive or Dropbox for BeatPrompter to access them. The app comes with a demo song preloaded, and if you want to try it out further, there are more songs that you can download in the "Demo Songs" section below.

BeatPrompter can also drive external MIDI devices, outputting custom MIDI messages at specific moments during a song.

The app is free to download, but will operate in demonstration mode until you purchase the full version (for a very reasonable price!). The demo version will only show the first 15 lines of your song file, and has restricted MIDI operations.

Some Demo Songs

User Manual

MIDI Documentation

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